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Aaron's Experience of a Poor Quote

I’m in the process of looking for tradespeople because I need a new bathroom. My shower’s leaking due to a cracked valve. I saw this as a good opportunity to upgrade the entire suite bathroom. The gas engineer I use regularly doesn’t do bathrooms so he recommended someone. The contractor came round at the agreed time. He was prompt, courteous and thorough. He then said, “I’ll follow up with a quote”. I have received a quote. A WhatsApp message saying: Cost for new bathroom suite, labour only: £3,600 (inc electrician) Materials: Customer to decide and purchase. I need to pick this apart! Firstly, this tradesperson has come recommended by someone that I trust, so the chances of me giving this person the job was extremely high. Before I had even received the quote he was a front runner. But I have now received the quote and have to question the company’s professionalism. The price was sent over WhatsApp so I don’t know the company name, I haven’t been given links to any previous work so I

Help to Grow - Digital Scheme

What does the Scheme aim to do? This Government backed scheme enables eligible businesses, across the whole of the UK, to obtain a discount of up to 50% on approved software solutions up to a maximum of £5,000 (excluding VAT). This discount covers 12 months’ worth of the approved software's core product costs. What cost does the discount not cover? Planning and delivery services. Any separate one-off payments. Transaction costs. Professional, technical or supplier support services not included as standard. Any costs listed as ‘additional’. Supplier support packages that are provided at additional cost and provide more than standard supplier support offers Value Added Tax (VAT). The discount is applied against the total software product price offered by technology suppliers, exclusive of VAT. What is the eligibility criteria? You have to be a UK company registered with Companies House or on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Mutuals Register. You have between 1 and 249 employees. The

How to WOW Customers and Deliver Excellent Service

There's no doubt that providing great customer service is one of the best ways to set your business apart from the competition and build long-lasting relationships with clients. But what does it take to provide truly exceptional service? Look after your existing customers In any business, it costs money to acquire new customers. Plumbing and heating businesses are no different. In order to get new business, you have to spend money on advertising and marketing. You also have to spend time and energy cultivating relationships with potential clients. Once you've finally landed a new customer, you then have to put in the work to show them that your company is the best option for their future needs too. On the other hand, it costs far less to maintain an existing client base and can even lead to referrals and positive word-of-mouth. Question- How much time, money and energy do you spend trying to keep your customers? There’s a good chance you don’t have an answer for that. You

Business in a Box – A Case Study

An owner of a plumbing and heating business, and user of our Business in a Box subscription service, came to us for advice. Feeling the pressure He was feeling the pressure. Business was going great for him but as a result he was pretty burned out. He hadn’t spent much time with his family in the last year because his workload was so heavy. He knew something had to change before long. He had used subcontractors from time to time but he wanted someone dedicated to his business like he was. He was considering taking on his first employee. He knew there would be a lot of cost involved in that and needed to know if it was the right decision. Could his dream of being able to take a step back from the business occasionally for a family holiday or simply a rest day, while the business continued to run with no problems be a reality?  Luckily for him, we’d already thought of all his concerns and had the answers right at our fingertips and ready to share. What’s Business in a Box? Bu

4 Ways to Manage Seasonality

Trade for a plumbing and heating business tends to fluctuate with the seasons. In the colder months, the phone keeps ringing with breakdowns, installations, repair works etc. As we move into the summer months when people use their boilers less, the breakdown calls tend to tail off, therefore, decreasing the workload. But it doesn’t have to be this way… There are many ways to effectively deal with seasonality. I’m going to share four with you but brainstorming with your team on what would work best for your business could be a good place to start. Existing clients Drumming up new business with your existing client base is a great way to get started. People who have been through the know, like and trust process are more likely to be interested in working together again. It is so much cheaper to look after your existing client base than it is to acquire new customers through advertising and promotions. Commencing April 2022 the government announced some VAT changes. If you search for VAT

Business in a Box - June 2022 updates

As a business owner, you know that having the right tools and resources is key to success. That's why we created Business in a Box, a subscription service that provides plumbing and heating businesses with all the resources they need to succeed. Each month, we add at least 5 new resources to our library, including templates, systems, documents and more. Everything is customisable so you can make it work for your business. Keep what you want, delete what you don't and edit everything however you like. This month we shared: Referral System Public holiday out of office template Late payment template Late payment letter before action Small Works Job Checklist Example Policies Employee Handbook Example Apprenticeship Agreement Example Zero Hour Contract Boiler Service Plans Here is a video to show you more about this month's updates: I think you would find it helpful in managing your business more effectively. Let me know what you think! Get in touch today at info@togetherwecoun

Who are you talking to?

I feel it’s important to talk to your ideal customers, so all your external messages to your customers are aligned and it’s clear who you, as a plumbing and heating business, want to look after, the type of work you want to do and the areas covered. I recently had a conversation with a plumbing and heating client, and we were on the topic of enquiries. He receives a lot of enquiries for small plumbing works such as tap replacements and washers. Small jobs which his business can do, but not where he specialises or where the money is at. We dived into this and established that on his website, the company clearly states, ‘no job too big or small, we change anything from a boiler to a tap replacement or washers.’ My understanding of how a search engine works is that if people are searching for something, the relevant website which matches their search criteria will pop up. If people in my client’s local area want a tap replacement or need their washers changed, they’ll Google that an